New Orleans General Contractor- Nola Build Construction & Design Inc.

New Orleans General Contractor- Nola Build Construction & Design Inc.

At Nola Build Construction & Design Inc. we understand the importance of outdoor

improvements and restorations to a home’s value and sustainability. The importance of having

roofing products that will last and withstand our harsh climate, The enjoyment a deck or patio

can bring by making your outdoor space an extension of your indoor living space, The beauty

different building materials can bring to the exterior of your home and The security a new fence

can bring homeowners. These are all important aspects to homeowners in the New Orleans


Fencing & Decking


Fencing brings security, privacy, and beauty to our home. Depending on a homeowners needs we can design and create the perfect match for each individual property. 

Decking can be used to make a wonderful transition & bring the outside in; A cozy deck and with a fire pit, A large entertaining area to have family and friends relax, A beautiful deck addition to an outdoor pool or creating perfect place to put a hot tub. Many techniques and products can be combined with your decking design to create a beautiful & inviting outdoor space. Misting systems can be used to stay cool or keep insects away.  Lighting is used to create ambiance or light the way. Railings and stairs will create safe and impressive spaces. All of these things and many more can be designed to give you the outdoor spaced you’ve always dreamed of.

Roofing & Siding


Roofing is one of a homes most important defenses to provide both sustainability and energy efficiency. There are many products and techniques used to achieve these main goals. It is important to know where your roof is most vulnerable and the best ways to improve it. We look at a homes architecture, surroundings, and vulnerabilities to come up with the best plan for you to achieve these main goals. A roof can be a large investment and their are many fly by night roofing companies or out of town storm chasers that come by for the quick buck and can care less about you and your home. So be sure that you are protected by working with a local company that cares.

Concrete & Foundations



Garage & Outdoor Structures


Concrete and foundations are a homes most important building blocks. Without a well planned design you could end up with a home that is designed to fail. Due to our low sea level, different types of soil, termites and tough climate our foundations have to be designed to provide many strengths that are unique to our region. Your homes foundation is everything. We can repair
damaged or badly designed foundations and make sure that your home will last the test of time.  We can also build new foundations to give you the confidence to place your new home and know it is secure. Concrete flatwork is also an important part of many homes in our region. We are able to demo and remove existing concrete, grade, form, pour and place concrete to make
any need met. A new driveway to park on to stay clean. A patio to entertain or work on. From sidewalks to foundations we know how to design a concept that will work for your homes best interest.

Many homeowners need or would like to have a garage, shed, carport, gazebo, patio cover or just a nice pergola added to their home. Your needs and space available on your property will determine what is possible. You must be careful before starting any of these projects because they could possibly negatively effect your home or property if not carefully planned and designed. Water runoff, property setbacks, architectural connectivity are just a few of the things to consider before starting an outdoor structure project. We can build your outdoor structures and make sure they will be everything you need and more.

New Custom Home Construction





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